What’s Up with Me? (February 2019)

It’s been so long since I’ve posted here and it will be a long time again for the next post. Hihi.

I mentioned last year that I have 3 goals in life regarding the Diet thingy, NMAT and licensure exam. I am so happy to say that I successfully attained 2 out of 3 right now. And hoping to reach the 3rd one on March.

1st goal: I lost 8-10 kg and right now, I am still trying to be healthy by eating the right food and exercising regularly (ermm).

2nd goal: I took the NMAT last October 2018 and I got the score I was hoping for, even more. I’ll share my experience soon not this March though, sorry. Maybe on October? Haha.

3rd goal: I am preparing for the licensure exam right now. It is so hard finding the will to study but I’m just leaning on Him. He is in control and I know He has great plans for all of us. #RMT2019 #RMTforChrist

With these achievements, I have come to realize that life goes on. After you’ve reached one, another goal will be set. I still have 3 goals right now, 2 new goals have been set and a lot of goals will still come. These goals may be temporary but I have this ultimate goal in life, “To be a better person each day and to share God’s love to everyone.”


Thirty But Seventeen

Thirty But Seventeen, also known as Still 17, is a Korean drama with romantic comedy genre. It aired on July 23 to September 18, 2018 in SBS with 32 episodes.

It is about two people whose lives were damaged because of an unfortunate accident. Woo Seo-ri, a violin prodigy, was about to study in Germany when she was seventeen but she got into an accident and fell into coma for thirteen years. She woke up as a thirty year old woman. Gong Woo-jin, a thirty year old single man, is a set designer with a social problem due to the trauma he got thirteen years ago. He doesn’t want to be involved with people. Their path have crossed and together, they try to make the themselves whole again, opening the door to happiness.

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The cast of this drama was really great. I first watched Yang Se-jong in Romantic Doctor Kim then in Temperature of Love. This guy is really handsome and also a good actor. He showed the character’s feelings and personality really well. Shin Hye-sun is just really great. I think it is hard to act like a seventeen year old in a thirty year old body but she did it really well in a not so awkward way. The chemistry between the two leads is also exemplary.

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I find this drama really interesting and somewhat unique. It is also both heartwarming and funny. I love how they connect the past to present to connect the dots and answer all the questions. I love the story line and I am so satisfied with the ending. I highly recommend this drama. I am rating it 9.5/10.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is a Korean romantic comedy drama aired on JTBC on July 27, 2018 until September 15, 2018 with 16 episodes. It is based on a webtoon with the same name.

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It depicts the life of Kang Mi-rae who was bullied all throughout her life because of her looks and decided to have a plastic surgery before college starts. She has a habit of grading people according to their looks. Expecting to have a better life, she came across with the most famous and most handsome guy during their middle school days, Do Kyung-seok. He is quite a loner with family issue and he doesn’t judge people based on their looks. When Kang Mi-rae’s past is uncovered and somewhat got bullied again, Do Kyung-seok stayed with her and protected her.


This drama is so beautiful and I am in love with it. The issue with plastic surgery is hard to tackle but this drama conveyed it perfectly. It shows how society judge people based on their looks and how it can destroy someone’s life.

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Not only an eyeopener, this drama also has these eye candy cast. I’m praising Im Soo-hyang for her acting skills and for her courage to play the character. She is so beautiful and she has a really good chemistry with the actor in spite of their age gap. Cha Eun-woo is just so handsome. I’ve watched him in Hit the Top before. He is also a very good actor. Jo Woo-ri showed her excellent acting skills as the antagonist. I hated her in the drama and that’s a good thing, right? And Kwang Dong-yeon gave me the second lead syndrome.

My Id is Gangnam Beauty drama, My Id is Gangnam Beauty cast, My Id is Gangnam Beauty summary, My Id is Gangnam Beauty cha eunwoo, My Id is Gangnam Beauty webtoon, My Id is Gangnam Beauty korea, My Id is Gangnam Beauty 2018, cha eunwoo drama, cha eunwoo 2018

I highly recommend this drama. It gave and left me different emotions. I became so attached with this. This drama is so heartwarming, romantic, funny and it is such an eye opener. I am rating it 9.6/10.


Life (Drama Recommendation)

Life is a Korean series aired on JTBC from July 23 to September 11, 2018 with 16 episodes. It has a medical drama genre. It depicts the lives of medical employees behind saving lives. It shows the misuse of power in hospitals and the power struggles of doctors and nurses against the people behind them. The collision of medicine and business was explained. It also has a little bit of romance in it and a lot of family drama.

Image result for life kdrama 2018

This topic is really hard to tackle and I really acknowledge this drama for showing every thing nicely. It is really rare to see movies like this and I was surprised that I really did enjoy  this drama. There were only a tinge of romance but the family drama and hospital issues made me continue to watch this. It has a very interesting plot and the suspense was enough to just almost give you a heart attack.

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The cast is perfect. Lee Dong wook showed great acting skills, of course, as the main lead but all the actors are really great. I felt their struggles and their emotions were conveyed perfectly.

I cried with them. I laughed with them. It felt like I fought with them. I was really hooked by this drama. I am wishing for a second season but it’s hard to expect because after all it is really rare for Korean drama to have a second season.

I am recommending this to people who want a serious drama with just a little bit of romance. I really enjoyed this one and I am rating it 9.2/10.

Witch’s Love (Drama Recommendation)

I should have posted a lot of drama reviews two weeks but unfortunately, my laptop was dead. I couldn’t turn it on and it got formatted so all my beloved files were deleted. I’m moving on right now, though.

Image result for witch's love

Among the series I was watching, this was the first one to end. I got really surprised because I was waiting for the episode 13 and when I checked out, there won’t be. Yes, I got a little disappointed with the ending because I expected that there would be another episode.

Image result for witch's love

Witch’s Love is a Korean Drama with a romantic, fantasy and comedy genre. It aired on July 25, 2018 and ended last August 30, 2018 with 12 episodes. It depicts the lives of three modern witches trying to blend in with people. They operate a restaurant and try to keep a low profile but Kang Cho Hong good looks and strength attract a lot of people including Hwang Jae Wook, the boy next door. Their quiet lives disappeared when Ma Sung Tae bought their building and showed up to uncover the truth behind his traumatic experience in that building when he was little.

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I personally love the cast. Witches were shown to be very good looking in this show.  Yoon So-hee played her role as a witch and I think it really fits her not only because she looks good but she gave this witch aura specially with her poker face. Lee Hong-bin, who played the second lead, left a second lead syndrome effect to me. He showed good acting skills as the neighborhood guy. Hyun Woo, the lead actor, is really good too. Some people commented that he acted stiffly but I don’t agree because for me, it’s part of his role. The two grandmas also acted very well. They were really adorable.

Image result for witch's love

I have enjoyed every episode of this series. I love the romance between the two leads. There were no antagonist who’ll make you go crazy, just a cute guy who fell in love with the lead and got his heart broken. This series is light but very enjoyable. The plot is also interesting. I just got disappointed because it was short. I’m rating it 8/10. It was rated 7.6/10 in IMdB.

Teen Bride (Movie Recommendation)

Teen Bride also known as “That is Not a Child but a Minor” and “Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai” is a manga adaptation with the same Japanese title. Obviously, it is a Japanese movie released on December 23, 2017. It has a romantic comedy genre.

It follows the life of Karin Oriyama, a dreamy and rich girl, who received ‘marriage’ as  a gift for her 16th birthday. The person she married is her first love: Nao Tsurugi, a popular, athletic, and intelligent senior in high school. However, for Nao, he only married Karin for financial reasons. They have decided to keep their marriage a secret. They got closer with each other and learned to understand each other. Karin’s childhood friend, Isuzu Ebina, who holds feelings for Karin, finds out about their marriage and took action to make them divorce.

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This movie is really enjoyable. It may be a little bit corny but it is not an annoying corny, it is a funny corny. The chemistry between the leads are great and they both look beautiful. I laughed a lot watching this.

Image result for miseinen dakedo kodomo ja nai movie

I highly recommend it to people who loves comedy and dreamy story. I am rating it 7.8/10 and it was rated 7.6/10 in IMdB.

To My 19 Year Old (Movie Recommendation)

Are you craving for that giggly feelings like you have butterflies on your stomach? Or do you want to cry a little bit from watching a movie? Either, I highly recommend this movie.

Image result for to my 19 year old movie

To My 19 Year Old is a Chinese film aired on May 29, 2018. It is a romantic, dramatic fantasy drama with a very beautiful storyline. It depicts the life of a girl, Yang Yixue, who loved someone but never grab the chance to be with him until he died. At the funeral of Mo Xiaofeng, she got his mysterious wooden box full of letters for her. She regretted a lot but she received a chance to change everything. The “Mystery Wooden Box” has a magical function, which can be connected with the past time and space. Yang Yixue wants to recover her lost love so she writes letters to her 19 year old self where she met and fell in love with Mo Xiaofeng.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. It is kind of similar with “Orange” and I learned the same lesson in them. I cried in this movie at the same time it is so cute and romantic. It depicts a very important lesson. You should grab every opportunity that will make you happy and live life to the fullest to avoid regrets. The cast is great and the lead actor is handsome. I highly recommend this movie. I’m rating it 9/10 and rated in IMdB 7.4/10.

Bride for 8 Years (Movie Recommendation)

I always look out for new Asian movies in Kissasian. The most recent I’ve watched is this movie and it is so good and so warm. Bride for 8 years is a Japanese movie released last December 2017. It has a romance, drama genre and it is based on a true story.

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Plot: Hisashi (Takeru Sato) and Mai (Tao Tsuchiya) met at a restaurant party. Mai mistakenly judged Hisashi to be too sullen but Hisashi apologized and explain that he didn’t feel well. Then, they started hanging out together and grew fond of each other until they become lovers and finally, about to get married in three months. They reserved a place for their wedding ceremony but Mai began to have memory lapses. It got worse and worse that she fell into coma. She has a critical disease in which her own antibodies are attacking her brain. Hisashi didn’t give up on his promise to marry her and wait for her to wake up. When she finally woke up, the doctor said that she would be like a baby who needs to learn everything again. Through rehabilitation, she gets better and better but she doesn’t remember Hisashi.

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I’ve seen a lot of Japanese movies starring these actors like (Tsuchiya Tao) Yell for the Blue Sky, Orange, P to JK, (Sato Takeru) The Liar and His Lover and If Cats Disappeared from the World. They are both really great actors. I salute Tsuchiya Tao for the great potrayal of the character, it was hard to do that but she is a great actress. I also like Sato Takeru, I really felt his commitment, struggle and love for her.

Image result for 8 year engagement

This movie is very beautiful. It was very heartwarming not only because of great actors but because it is a true story. Their situation is very heartbreaking, I really cried a lot watching this movie. It has a good story, great actors, everything is great. I really love this movie, highly recommended.

Rated 7/10 in IMdB and I am rating it 9.8/10. I don’t own the photos.

Meteor Garden 2018 (Drama Recommendation)

After almost two months, the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden is over. The first two episodes aired on July 29, 2018 and the last episode aired last August 29, 2018 with a total of 49 episodes. I barely remember the story of Meteor Garden though I have watched the Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese version but still, it feels so familiar.

Image result for meteor garden 2018

The most recent Meteor Garden is a Chinese version. It has the same plot with every version of it since it is adapted in the same manga. An ordinary 18 year old girl, Shan Cai, is admitted to a prestigious school where she encountered F4. The F4 is a group comprised of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men and Mei Zuo, the four wealthiest and most handsome boys in school. Dao Ming Si is a spoiled, arrogant and a bully. Shan Cai became a target of Dao Ming Si and she remains defiant. Whenever she is about to give up, Hua Ze Lei is there for her. Eventually, the four boys begin to acknowledge Shan Cai’s unyielding personality that is like a weed that can never be brought down. She also begins to see the good in the boys, which opens the way to friendship and an eventual romance.

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This girl is so popular nowadays. She just played in A Love So Beautiful and now again, she showed her excellent acting skills in Meteor Garden. She is so cute and I believe she has another project that will be aired soon. Her role, as Shan Cai, really fit her. You will see her eyes bulging a lot in the drama.

Image result for meteor garden 2018

The actors who played as the F4 never let me down. Like the F4, they are really handsome specially Dao Ming Si which is played by Dylan Wang. They also acted really well. What I like about this drama is that they’ve shared the romantic life of every important character. In the previous adaptations, I think they just showed a glimpse for every character. In here, they rendered few episodes for each to fully grasp everything.

Related image

There are different adaptations and remakes of this manga and each has its unique characteristics. I love the difference of this from the others. It may be the same chasing and fighting game of love but the actors gave different emotions, vibe which made this drama beautiful. The story may be the same but it really is unique. I’m rating it 8.5/10 same as the rate in the IMdB. I highly recommend it for those who wants a light, romantic, comedy.

SM Lipa 3-Day Sale Haul

Last August 31- September 2, 2018, SM Lipa had a sale. Actually, I went there on Aug. 31 because I need to buy new pants but I also got few things which were very unplanned.

Items I got:


This is a high-waisted jeans I got from Crissa. It’s 20% off so I bought it for 720 pesos. I had to buy one because my old jeans don’t fit me anymore and I love it.


I also got this dress for casual wear from BnyJeans. I like wearing dresses because it’s comfortable. It can also be an off shoulder dress and it looks really nice when I wear it. I bought it for only 400 pesos.


I also got this formal dress from ItGirl for 300 pesos. The original price according to the tag is 1199 pesos so it really is a great buy. It may look like a curtain in the picture, believe me it’s not. I really like it and I already wore it last Saturday with a cardigan, of course.


This top is from Folded & Hung and I bought it for 349 pesos. I really like the skirt I paired it with but it’s not on sale so I didn’t get it. I hope I will come back for it soon.


Next one is this off shoulder top from Folded & Hung again. I don’t have a picture when I tried the black one but that’s the one I bought. It looks really nice for only 349 pesos.


Folded & Hung had a promo that day to celebrate their anniversary. First 100 customers will get free shirt. I bought two from them and they allowed me to get two free t-shirts. I chose simple ones, a blue v-neck shirt and pink round-neck shirt. I don’t have a picture of the pink one because I already wore it last Sunday. Again, they are free!

I spent 2,118 pesos and got seven pieces of clothing from the SM 3-day sale.


Last week, I also went to Nuvali with my friend and I got two pairs of shoes from Payless. These are not from SM Lipa anymore. They had a promo wherein if you buy two pairs of shoes, you’ll get the other one with the lower price, 50% off.


I already wore the gray one a lot of times and I got it for 995 pesos which is its original price. The pink one is already on sale because I believe it was the last pair for my size during that time so from 1450 pesos (original price) to 725 pesos (clearance sale?) to 362.50 pesos (2nd pair discount). I got two pairs of shoes for 1,357 pesos.