Teen Bride (Movie Recommendation)

Teen Bride also known as “That is Not a Child but a Minor” and “Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai” is a manga adaptation with the same Japanese title. Obviously, it is a Japanese movie released on December 23, 2017. It has a romantic comedy genre.

It follows the life of Karin Oriyama, a dreamy and rich girl, who received ‘marriage’ as  a gift for her 16th birthday. The person she married is her first love: Nao Tsurugi, a popular, athletic, and intelligent senior in high school. However, for Nao, he only married Karin for financial reasons. They have decided to keep their marriage a secret. They got closer with each other and learned to understand each other. Karin’s childhood friend, Isuzu Ebina, who holds feelings for Karin, finds out about their marriage and took action to make them divorce.

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This movie is really enjoyable. It may be a little bit corny but it is not an annoying corny, it is a funny corny. The chemistry between the leads are great and they both look beautiful. I laughed a lot watching this.

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I highly recommend it to people who loves comedy and dreamy story. I am rating it 7.8/10 and it was rated 7.6/10 in IMdB.


To My 19 Year Old (Movie Recommendation)

Are you craving for that giggly feelings like you have butterflies on your stomach? Or do you want to cry a little bit from watching a movie? Either, I highly recommend this movie.

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To My 19 Year Old is a Chinese film aired on May 29, 2018. It is a romantic, dramatic fantasy drama with a very beautiful storyline. It depicts the life of a girl, Yang Yixue, who loved someone but never grab the chance to be with him until he died. At the funeral of Mo Xiaofeng, she got his mysterious wooden box full of letters for her. She regretted a lot but she received a chance to change everything. The “Mystery Wooden Box” has a magical function, which can be connected with the past time and space. Yang Yixue wants to recover her lost love so she writes letters to her 19 year old self where she met and fell in love with Mo Xiaofeng.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. It is kind of similar with “Orange” and I learned the same lesson in them. I cried in this movie at the same time it is so cute and romantic. It depicts a very important lesson. You should grab every opportunity that will make you happy and live life to the fullest to avoid regrets. The cast is great and the lead actor is handsome. I highly recommend this movie. I’m rating it 9/10 and rated in IMdB 7.4/10.

Bride for 8 Years (Movie Recommendation)

I always look out for new Asian movies in Kissasian. The most recent I’ve watched is this movie and it is so good and so warm. Bride for 8 years is a Japanese movie released last December 2017. It has a romance, drama genre and it is based on a true story.

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Plot: Hisashi (Takeru Sato) and Mai (Tao Tsuchiya) met at a restaurant party. Mai mistakenly judged Hisashi to be too sullen but Hisashi apologized and explain that he didn’t feel well. Then, they started hanging out together and grew fond of each other until they become lovers and finally, about to get married in three months. They reserved a place for their wedding ceremony but Mai began to have memory lapses. It got worse and worse that she fell into coma. She has a critical disease in which her own antibodies are attacking her brain. Hisashi didn’t give up on his promise to marry her and wait for her to wake up. When she finally woke up, the doctor said that she would be like a baby who needs to learn everything again. Through rehabilitation, she gets better and better but she doesn’t remember Hisashi.

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I’ve seen a lot of Japanese movies starring these actors like (Tsuchiya Tao) Yell for the Blue Sky, Orange, P to JK, (Sato Takeru) The Liar and His Lover and If Cats Disappeared from the World. They are both really great actors. I salute Tsuchiya Tao for the great potrayal of the character, it was hard to do that but she is a great actress. I also like Sato Takeru, I really felt his commitment, struggle and love for her.

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This movie is very beautiful. It was very heartwarming not only because of great actors but because it is a true story. Their situation is very heartbreaking, I really cried a lot watching this movie. It has a good story, great actors, everything is great. I really love this movie, highly recommended.

Rated 7/10 in IMdB and I am rating it 9.8/10. I don’t own the photos.

Meteor Garden 2018 (Drama Recommendation)

After almost two months, the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden is over. The first two episodes aired on July 29, 2018 and the last episode aired last August 29, 2018 with a total of 49 episodes. I barely remember the story of Meteor Garden though I have watched the Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese version but still, it feels so familiar.

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The most recent Meteor Garden is a Chinese version. It has the same plot with every version of it since it is adapted in the same manga. An ordinary 18 year old girl, Shan Cai, is admitted to a prestigious school where she encountered F4. The F4 is a group comprised of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men and Mei Zuo, the four wealthiest and most handsome boys in school. Dao Ming Si is a spoiled, arrogant and a bully. Shan Cai became a target of Dao Ming Si and she remains defiant. Whenever she is about to give up, Hua Ze Lei is there for her. Eventually, the four boys begin to acknowledge Shan Cai’s unyielding personality that is like a weed that can never be brought down. She also begins to see the good in the boys, which opens the way to friendship and an eventual romance.

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This girl is so popular nowadays. She just played in A Love So Beautiful and now again, she showed her excellent acting skills in Meteor Garden. She is so cute and I believe she has another project that will be aired soon. Her role, as Shan Cai, really fit her. You will see her eyes bulging a lot in the drama.

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The actors who played as the F4 never let me down. Like the F4, they are really handsome specially Dao Ming Si which is played by Dylan Wang. They also acted really well. What I like about this drama is that they’ve shared the romantic life of every important character. In the previous adaptations, I think they just showed a glimpse for every character. In here, they rendered few episodes for each to fully grasp everything.

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There are different adaptations and remakes of this manga and each has its unique characteristics. I love the difference of this from the others. It may be the same chasing and fighting game of love but the actors gave different emotions, vibe which made this drama beautiful. The story may be the same but it really is unique. I’m rating it 8.5/10 same as the rate in the IMdB. I highly recommend it for those who wants a light, romantic, comedy.

SM Lipa 3-Day Sale Haul

Last August 31- September 2, 2018, SM Lipa had a sale. Actually, I went there on Aug. 31 because I need to buy new pants but I also got few things which were very unplanned.

Items I got:


This is a high-waisted jeans I got from Crissa. It’s 20% off so I bought it for 720 pesos. I had to buy one because my old jeans don’t fit me anymore and I love it.


I also got this dress for casual wear from BnyJeans. I like wearing dresses because it’s comfortable. It can also be an off shoulder dress and it looks really nice when I wear it. I bought it for only 400 pesos.


I also got this formal dress from ItGirl for 300 pesos. The original price according to the tag is 1199 pesos so it really is a great buy. It may look like a curtain in the picture, believe me it’s not. I really like it and I already wore it last Saturday with a cardigan, of course.


This top is from Folded & Hung and I bought it for 349 pesos. I really like the skirt I paired it with but it’s not on sale so I didn’t get it. I hope I will come back for it soon.


Next one is this off shoulder top from Folded & Hung again. I don’t have a picture when I tried the black one but that’s the one I bought. It looks really nice for only 349 pesos.


Folded & Hung had a promo that day to celebrate their anniversary. First 100 customers will get free shirt. I bought two from them and they allowed me to get two free t-shirts. I chose simple ones, a blue v-neck shirt and pink round-neck shirt. I don’t have a picture of the pink one because I already wore it last Sunday. Again, they are free!

I spent 2,118 pesos and got seven pieces of clothing from the SM 3-day sale.


Last week, I also went to Nuvali with my friend and I got two pairs of shoes from Payless. These are not from SM Lipa anymore. They had a promo wherein if you buy two pairs of shoes, you’ll get the other one with the lower price, 50% off.


I already wore the gray one a lot of times and I got it for 995 pesos which is its original price. The pink one is already on sale because I believe it was the last pair for my size during that time so from 1450 pesos (original price) to 725 pesos (clearance sale?) to 362.50 pesos (2nd pair discount). I got two pairs of shoes for 1,357 pesos.


Produce 48 Winners (My Reaction)

I have watched Produce 48 from the start of the show. Last Friday, the variety show has ended and a new group is waiting to debut. I watched it live in the web. I may not understand what they were saying since there were no subtitles but I still cried a lot and was surprised with the result.

To be clear, this is my personal opinion so I don’t intend to hurt anybody. And I don’t own the photos except for my top 12 before finals.


My top 12 before the finals

Honestly, I’m new to KPop so I may not have judged correctly or group them badly. I picked my top 12 mostly by how I got attracted with them individually. I really like the voice of Yuri, Miyu and Haeyoon so I included them. I picked Eunbi and Chaeyeon for their leadership and voice and of course I really love Chaeyeon’s dance skill. I really am rooting for Chowon because she was full of surprises. I picked Yena for her energy. I chose Sakura, Nako and Hitomi because I really got attracted with them, they also have a lot of experiences and they have been consistent in being in the top 12. I picked Ahn Yujin and Kim Minju because I really like them from episode 1 until the end. Lee Chaeyeon, Miyawaki Sakura, Ahn Yujin and Kim Minju are my bias.


Final Top 12


#11: Kim Min joo

I really like this girl. When the show started, she really had a low confidence in herself and it seemed like she only have a beautiful face. But as the show continued, she gained confidence little by little and showed her true talents. She may not picked up adance immediately but when she does, she is very stable. She also has a beautiful voice. I know that there are girls more talented than her that’s why I was really nervous during the finals. She got in and I believe she deserves it. She did her best. I really love her.

#10: Kim Chae won

Forgive me, but I really didn’t notice Kim Chae won in the show that is why she is not in my top 12. I’ve rewatched few episodes and of course the final episode before writing this. She is a good dancer and has good vocals. I know she deserves it, she captured the hearts of Koreans after all.

#9: Honda Hitomi

This girl is really cute. I was captivated with her chubby cheeks. She has a cute voice and also dances well. She has been quite stable in being one of the top 12, that’s why I noticed her. I’m glad she is part of the group.

#8: Kang Hye won

I really liked her relationship with Minami. She also improved a lot during the show and decided to be rapper in the group. Don’t judge me, it’s not that I hate her and I still believe she deserves it. She’s not one of my top 12 but she captivated the hearts of Koreans so yes. Maybe it should have been Chowon or Gaeun, but it’s her and I’m okay with it now.

#7: Kwon Eun bi

I really like this girl specially during the concept evaluation when she really proved her leadership skill. I hope she becomes the leader of Izone. She also have a very good voice. She already debut before so she has experience. I’m happy she’s part of the group.

#6: Yabuki Nako

The shortest of them all and also the cutest of them all, Nako! I really like her. She is also a great vocalist. She was part of the Class F during the audition but went up to Class A. She’s also been quite consistent in being part of the top 12.

#5: Ahn Yoo jin

I really love Ahn Yu Jin when the show started because she is so beautiful and so talented but it seems like as the show continued, other trainees were catching up and it’s hard to improve when you’re already good. Still, I like her and I am really glad she became one of the final members. She is a good rapper, singer and dancer. She has been consistent in being part of the top 12, until the 11th episode happened that’s why I got nervous if she will still win.

#4: Choi Ye na

I am really happy she became part of the top 12. I really love her energy and she is talented as well. When I saw her as the center during the finals, I got really proud because she did it really well.

#3: Jo Yu ri

I really lost my hope when she didn’t get called at first but I was surprised that she is in the top 3 and I know she is surprised as well. I’m really proud of her. I think everyone is captivated by her voice.

#2: Miyawaki Sakura

I was expecting her to be the center of this group, I had no doubts at all but she didn’t become the top 1. I got really disappointed. I know that there are girls more talented or beautiful than her but she has something the other girls don’t have. I don’t know how to explain this, but her aura is so captivating when she performs. Even though she is not the center in their performances, I could still see her and it felt like she was the center of every performance they did. The process may be disappointing sometimes but during every performance, she did very well. I hope she will become the face of the group and center when they perform in Japan. I really love her.

#1: Jang Won young

She is not part of my top 12 but I already expected her to be part of the top 12. She is good in expressing, she is also talented and beautiful but I am not captivated by her, I don’t know why. She has been consistent in being part of the top 12. I hope she will do a really great job as the center of Izone.

#12: Lee Chae yeon

I was expecting this girl to compete with Sakura for first place but she didn’t, I don’t have any idea why. Chaeyeon is very talented in singing and of course in dancing. She is the best dancer in all the trainees. She also has good leadership and she is beautiful. I know all the trainers like her. I am still happy she became part of the final group.


My Major Disappointments:

I got disappointed with Lee Chae yeon’s and Sakura’s place but I’m happy they will debut together though. The ship is sailing. I am so inlove with them.


I really want this girl to debut with them. Han Cho won is everything, beautiful, great singer, great rapper, good dancer. I am so disappointed she didn’t become part of the group.


Yes, Lee Gaeun is not part of my top 12 but I really expected her to be since she was consistent and even rank 1 many times. When it come to experience and talent she has it both. I like her. I thought she’ll make it, but she didn’t.



I may be a little bit disappointed at first but I will still support this group. They all did their very best and they all deserve to debut. I will learn to like them all individually and love the group. After all, it won’t be complete without one of them. I’m super excited. Fighting IZONE!!!

Of course, I will still support the trainees who didn’t make it specially Miyu, Chowon, Haeyoon, and Gaeun. They still have a bright future ahead of them.

Jukaykay Mystery Package Haul

Jukaykay is a very well known online shop in the Philippines. They also have physical stores in some areas. Their tagline is “It’s not about the brand, it’s about style.

I have been a Jukaykay customer in their physical stores but I haven’t tried ordering online. I’m a fan of their clothes because they are not only cheap but also fashionable. Last July 2018, they had a mystery package, I messaged them but the promo stocked out fast. This August, they had another one and I was able to avail it. I got very excited that I’ve watched and read a lot of Jukaykay mystery package haul. They showed good items so I expected a lot. It only cost 499 pesos plus shipping fee (165 pesos for me) and the clothes that you’ll receive have a total of over 1000 pesos.


Order Experience:

I ordered last August 27, 2018. It says that the shipping will take only 2-3 days but I only received it today, September 4,2018 so it’s been a week. They also replied late in every message I send and they didn’t post the tracking number as they said, they just messaged it to me after I messaged them two days after the supposed to be tracking number post.


Items I got:

First item is this over size long sleeves worth 280 pesos. When I look at it, it looks really bad, I just don’t like it… BUT, when I tried it on, it looks great. I’m rating it 3.5/5.

This top has a really great design. I like the color but it’s too revealing that I think I can’t wear it. It costs 140 pesos. I’m rating it 2/5.

When my mom saw this, she said it’s for kids but when I wore it, it looks really great. I will pair it with a cardigan though or maybe put an undershirt, I don’t know. It costs 160 pesos. I’m rating it 3/5.

This may look like a dress but it’s just an off-shoulder top worth 160 pesos. I like the color of this and I will wear it. I’m rating it 3.5/5.

It’s not a dress, it’s just a top with a hood worth 250 pesos. It’s not really my style and it doesn’t look good. Maybe if I iron it it will look better. I’m rating it 2.5/5.

Finally, something I really like. This top is worth 140 pesos. Maybe I’ll still pair it with a cardigan but it really looks good. I’m rating it 4/5.

I love crop tops but not this one. It is worth 130 pesos. Looking at it, I thought it will be comfortable to wear but it is fitted. I’m rating it 2.5/5.

This top is worth 150 pesos. I like this, it’s really comfortable and simple. I’m rating it 3/5.

I kind of like this crop top but I don’t like the print. It costs 130 pesos. I’m rating it 3/5.

I think this is supposed to be an oversized shirt but I don’t know what happened. The V neck is really deep and I don’t know. I really don’t like it. Rating it 1/5.



I got ten items for a total of 1,670 pesos. It’s worth it in terms of price but I don’t think it is worth it if I base it on the items I got. I only like half of it but I don’t love anything. I really love Jukaykay but this experience is really disappointing. Maybe they are just including the items that didn’t sell. I won’t order their mystery package again and I don’t recommend it. Rating my overall experience 2/5. 

I will still buy in their physical stores because they really sell fashionable clothes. Maybe I’ll make a haul on that to share how beautiful their items are because clearly most of the items I got in the mystery package are not.

I’ll post a try on haul next time, hopefully tomorrow. And I am still waiting another package to arrive from an international online shop. Watch out for that.

Channel of God’s Love (Song Reflection)

Today, I and my friend got invited to sing in another church. Suprisingly, the speaker who gave the message was our Grade 6 teacher, so it has been 8 years already. We sang a very beautiful song for the appeal song with a very beautiful message.

I want to be a channel of God’s love
To share His word and live a life of hope and happiness
I am a child of King an heir of His great kingdom
I am an apple, an apple of God’s eye.
Oh, I want to be a channel of His grace
Oh, I want to be a channel of His peace
Oh, I want to share His love to everyone I meet
It’s my desire to serve Him
And share with you this gift of joy in me.
I want the world to know that I am His
He’s in my heart and I will keep Him there forevermore
I’ll give His light to others and pass it on and on
I’ll stay with Him and with Him I will be.
Oh yes, I’ll be a channel of His grace
Oh yes, I’ll be a channel of His peace
Oh yes, I’ll share His love to everyone I meet
It’s my desire to serve Him
And share with you this gift of joy in me.

It’s been our favorite duet song when we were in high school but never had the courage to sing it. We chose this song not only because it has a beautiful melody and structure but also because this is what we want to do. In whatever we do, we want to share God’s grace, peace and love. We want to be instruments, channels and I also believe that it is one of our purposes in life.

I am a living testimony of God’s love. I also believe that you are too. He has been there for us all throughout our life. He is reaching us, so why not be an instrument of God to reach others also. Having Him is the greatest blessing I have ever had and I want to share it to others. I want to be God’s witness, His instrument.

Let us be channels of God. There are a lot of ways to be one: simple act of kindness, praying for the people around you, sharing what you’ve experienced through a writing or joining outreach programs. Willingness is very important in this work and having Him is the most important. Let us do what we can to be an instrument of God.

A Work in Progress (August Update: 4)

It’s the last day of August. This post is two days late but it’s better late than never. I am very happy and grateful for what I have achieved. Yay! Let’s wrap up August now.


NMAT goal: We had a new teacher last Sunday and we tackled Biology. I remember a few things about basic Biology but I have forgotten a lot of things. It really seems like I didn’t know most of it or I haven’t learned anything about it. I hate memorization but I have to. I read the handout so I’ve completed my task for the week. I’m going to work on it more on September, I have to.

Weight goal: Sad to say, I haven’t lost any thing. I gained a lot during the weekends since I ate outside from Friday till Sunday. It’s hard to control when you’re with someone. I’ve visited my school last Friday so I met my friend and of course, we went outside and eat a lot. Last Saturday, my family had a family day through eating. And last Sunday, we attended a birthday party. I lost the chance to control myself because I was having fun eating.

Vacation goal: I’m not working and I’m totally broke, you know that but apparently, my scholarship for my last semester was deposited in my school so I have to refund it that’s why I went to AUP last Friday. It’s a small money but still, shopping it is. I am also enjoying watching a lot of Korean drama. I think Meteor Garden has ended but I’m still downloading the last few episodes. And today is the finale of Produce 48, I hope my top 12 will be the top 12.


Be positive! There’s a famous inspirational quote, “She believed she could, and so she did.” Claim it! You’ll be there! Even if failure keeps on getting in my way, being positive helps me to continue, to go on. Be positive!

Be contented! It may sound contradicting to the other learnings I have but this help me not to be too hard on myself. I am contented with my weight though I am one kilo away from my goal, at least I lost three kilos. And I’ve forgiven myself for eating a lot last weekend because I succeed with controlling myself previously and will succeed in the future. It’s alright if you didn’t reach your goal, the important thing is you moved forward and ready to continue. Be contented with what you achieved especially when you did your best.

Try and try until you succeed! This has been my favorite saying when I was in elementary maybe because it’s the only thing I know but this kept me to move forward. I tried losing weight for a very long time, now I am succeeding. Disappointments may come, but I will still try until I reach my goal and maintain it, of course. I always say “Babawi ako (I’ll make it up for it) next time” whenever a semester ended or even if a quiz ended. I don’t let those negative results eat me, actually they motivate me. I may fail but I won’t stop. It’s ok to be disappointed or to fail, the important thing is to stand up and move, try again, try and try.

Reward yourself! This is very important. After passing an exam or after reaching your goal, reward yourself. If you failed an exam or didn’t reach your goal but did your very best, reward yourself. Love yourself, motivate yourself. I’ve decided to reward myself with shopping!

August may have ended but I’m still too far from my goals. I am so glad that I started this experiment month. I am very contented with the result especially the things I have learned throughout the process. The adjusting month is over and this is becoming real and real as the deadlines get nearer and nearer. I conclude that this is still a work in progress. I will continue to reach for it. I will apply the things I have learned. I will attain the goals I have. After all, this is for me so I should work for it.

Wrapping up August but not wrapping up my goals. Working on it!!

Struggling with Consistency (August Update: Week 3)

One more week to go and August will be over. Time pass by so fast that even I, a person who stay home all the time, can’t keep up with it. Third week of August have gone and I think I’m struggling with some things. It has been a lazy week for me but I was able to accomplish some things.


NMAT goal: Our class was finally resumed last Sunday. We had a quantitative exam to assess our knowledge in Math. Since elementary, my favorite subject is math so I had fun answering the questions but I already forgot some formulas or how to solve some equations. In the afternoon, we reviewed Psychology. Reading the handout in Psychology has been one of my weekly goals, but I only did last Monday. I haven’t done anything last Thursday and Friday. BUT, I’ve finished it so I can forgive myself.

Weight goal: I’ve lost another kilo. Since the first week of August, I’ve been consistent with losing 1 kilo every week. I’m so happy about that. One more week and if I lost another kilo, I’ll be successful with my weight goal for the month of August.

Vacation goal: I’ve lost my consistency in writing blog posts. I’m watching a lot of Youtube videos nowadays and it made me lose track of time. At least, I’m enjoying. I’m updated with all the series I’m watching and every show gets really interesting and interesting. I also joined in some Facebook groups concerning with the shows I like and it is really fun meeting people with the same interest as yours.


It’s okay to fail: I don’t know why but even before at school when the semester or year is about to end, I was becoming lazy instead of being motivated. Well, it’s better to work on it than being too hard on it.

Find motivation: Starting my day right helps me to be motivated. Imagine completing your tasks set for the morning, it will motivate you to do the succeeding task or the day will be wasted. I’m also watch weight loss journey videos in Youtube to find motivation. Reading a lot of quotes in Pinterest and having my devotional motivate me. I’ll try to do these things even more.

Believe in yourself more: I think this will boost me for next week. If I believe that I can accomplish the goals I’ve set, maybe I can win over my laziness and start doing it. Just like a quote, “She believed she could, and so she did.”


Yes, I am still struggling with consistency even though three weeks have passed. Just like losing weight which I’ve planned for a very long time and just started now, I like to believe that it’s better late than never but I won’t be too late. I will keep on trying and trying. Even though I fail sometimes, I will try and try until I get there. In time, I will be consistent with this, it’s a process after all. Just like what I’ve wrote before, August is just the start. I am working on it. I’m getting very excited for the last week of August.